what do you put on a baby registry??


I was super fortunate to have an older sister who is a mom of three and a sister-in-law who is a mom of two. I remember asking my sister, “how do people have kids without having an older sister… like what do they do? WHO DO THEY GO TO?!” I had no clue what I “needed” to have ahead of time and what I “should” have on my registry. I mean, I knew what I waaaaaanted (thank you moms of Instagram, love you). I ended up sitting down with them to figure out if my registry was outrageous… Was it normal? Was it offensive? I don’t want people to be mad at me – ARE THEY GOING TO BE MAD I’M ASKING FOR THIS? Oh… you’re not an insane people pleaser to the point it kind of ruins your life? True, true, true, true, trueeeee. Same, me neither. Twinz.


Here is what I was super happy about that we had on our registry, and/or what I wish we had put on that we ended up getting later:


We used MyRegistry.com so it was easier to have multiple stores or websites, instead of committing to everything from one place. Although, if you are going to do one place, I would suggest SnuggleBugz or Amazon. For our registry, we did a mix of big and small things, because sometimes group gifts are where it’s at.


BabyBjorn Bouncer. Humphrey LOVES this. It’s also super handy for them to be in while you get a few things done around the house. Sometimes I put him in this while I do my hair/makeup when we are going out and he just watches me and laughs and then I laugh at him laughing, and then I cry because he is so cute and then I still get nothing done… because: cuteness overload + hormones. Also, the cover just slides on and off so it is super easy to wash for those diaper explosions… yum.


IMG_1301 (1)


Multi-Use Cover. Milk Snob has some cute ones!

Milk Snob Cover

Change Pad & Change Pad Covers.


IMG_1185 (1)


MESA Car Seat. If you have more than one car, you could always get an extra base so you can click into either car. Other items for the car: Mirror, Car Seat Protector, and Window Sun Protector (we like this one because it allows you to still open the window!)


IMG_0393 (1)


UppaBaby Stroller. We went with the Vista for the option to attach a second seat later on. This one is so easy!! We love it. It literally turns on a dime… which I never fully understood this phrase until getting this stroller. Honestly, get it just to turn around dimes. Do it. Other items for the stroller: Toys + Straps, The Mommy Hook, and Stroller Organizer.


UppaBaby VISTA Stroller


Bassinet + Bassinet Sheets.

Crib Sheets & Breathable Bumper. Other items for the crib: Matress Cover & Crib Skirt.


IMG_1197 (1)


Diaper Caddy. Items to keep in your diaper caddy: Diapers (okay ‘obvious-police’ CALM DOWN), Diaper Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, and a small toy to distract their little hands while you change them.


IMG_1186 (1)


Diaper Pail. We went with Ubbi because you can use any garbage bag with it. Kewl.


IMG_1191 (1)


Carrier. I love the Ergobaby 360 because it allows you to do front and back facing and it is so easy & quick to put on.




Play with Pieces Playmat. This one is super easy and quick to lay out or roll up when you are not using… and I like it… and that’s what counts. You have to be around things you like. So… get whatever you like. Bye.


IMG_1510 (1)


Ingenuity Play Yard. This is so helpful to have if your place has a second level. We keep this on the main floor and then we don’t have to run up and down for all naps and diaper changes. It is also handy for travel and the crib mattress pad can lower for extended use from baby to toddler.


Ingenuity Play Yard


Boon 3 Stage Bathtub. There is also a handy bath tub insert you can buy if you prefer to do baths in your actual bathtub. It’s called a Baby Dam Bathtub Divider. Other bath items: Wash Cloths, Towels, Body Cream, Bath Gel, and Hairbrush (a tiny brush comes in the Safety 1st Nursery Kit.)




Diaper Bag. I got the Itzy Ritzy Boss Diaper Bag and love it. I love that it zips open all the way down so you can easily see and access what is at the bottom of the bag. It has so many compartments on the inside and it has two insulated pockets.


Itzy Ritzy Bag


Hatch. This is my favie. It is run by an app on your phone and you can control the sound and light colour options and even put on a timer. For right now, it is great for bed time and white noise, but as they get older it helps to encourage an appropriate wake up time. For example, “When the light turns blue you can come and get mommy/daddy.” *Tip: I heard that white or blue light are not good for sleeping and can interrupt the sleep cycle. 


IMG_1179 (1)IMG_1176 (1)


Boon Grass Drying Rack. Love this! Holds everything perfectly.

IMG_1474 (1)IMG_1476 (1)


Cleaning Supplies: Aleva Naturals Bottle Wash and Multi-Purpose Toy Cleaner.


Burp Cloths & Receiving Blankets

IMG_1208 (1)


Clothes appropriate for the season based on size. Appropriate for the season is the key point of this… because if they aren’t the right season then they don’t wear them and then they are too big and you’re sending them off to college and you have all of these unused, adorable baby outfits that no one got to wear. And then you’re going to cry with your dog, folding all of these clothes and think how fast the time went and then you’re going to cry again because you’re so proud of them going to college, and then… THE POINT IS… buy clothes for the season. Bye.

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Juddlies Onesies. I’m a huge fan of Juddlies specifically, because they are zipper (not buttons or snaps because literally no one has time or patience for that) and they have a double zipper so you can just zip up the bottom for quick diaper changes. Zip, Zap, Zip.

IMG_1542 (1)


Gift Card: Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates. Game changer. If you are in the Toronto area, I highly recommend trying out The Bump Method.

IMG_0541 (1)


P.S. Asking your shower guests to bring books (new or used) instead of a card, is so helpful to build your little baby library and ends up being so sentimental reading books from your loved ones. 

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